Best Food Calorie Intake, Sugar & Carb Excel Counter for Diabetes

Being diagnosed with Diabetes means a life with plenty of sacrifices and restrictions. And it’s not just about daily insulin injections. You must also watch your diet very closely.

Especially, you must observe your intake of carbohydrates and sugars. Balanced levels of your blood sugars are crucial not only to your health. Getting this wrong may lead to serious medical complications later.

To help people like you suffering this debilitating condition, we created a tool that will make things way easier for you.

Our Solution for Counting Carbohydrates (& More!)

Our tool is called Food Nutrition Calculator in Excel. Basically it’s an Excel spreadsheet with in-build database of more than 1900 common foods.

For each food item it contains values of 60 different Nutrients. Unlike many other food calculators that show either Carbohydrates or Sugars, our calculator will show you both values – Sugars as well as Carbohydrates.

Apart from these 2 most important nutrients for you, it covers also 58 other types of Nutrients, for example Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Fats, Cholesterol, Amino Acids and Calories.

carbohydrate (carb) and sugar counterTo download a FREE sample: click here

To purchase a FULL version: visit this site (it includes User Manual, too)

Free version of our Nutrition Calculator is fully functional; however it contains only 50 foods. The full version comes with 1923 foods.

To run this counter you will need Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher.

We recommend that you download the FREE sample first, try to use it and see how you go. If you like it then you can proceed to the sales page and buy the FULL version.

Main Benefits of our Carbohydrates & Sugars Calculator

As you surely already know, diabetes is a nasty disease. It’s associated with many degenerative processes in your body that can lead to serious complications.

With our calculator you can avoid many of these conditions, like:

  • Cold, numb and painful limbs
  • Limbs amputations
  • Worsening eyesight
  • Blindness later in life
  • In many cases even premature death

The most devious thing about diabetes is that most of the complications arise slowly over time. Many people don’t see or don’t recognise them early enough in order to do something about them. And once they do, it’s often too late.

The most important thing for preventing these types of non-reversible conditions is to watch your diet and nutrient intake. In the long run, it’s the food you eat every day that will make the difference.

What Are Other Important Steps to Keep You Healthy

Staying healthy and avoiding these nasty degenerative conditions isn’t only about watching your Sugars or Carbs. Many people with diabetes forget that their bodies work well only if supplied with adequate amounts of all important nutrients.

Human metabolism consists of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands different bio-chemical reactions every second.

All these reactions work like a chain, one depends on another. If you break one piece, many other will be affected, too.

Even despite your best intentions to keep your blood sugar level balanced, neglecting nutritional requirements of your body may come back hunting to you.

For that reason we have incorporated into the calculator more types of Food Nutritional Values, such as:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Amino Acids,
  • Fiber
  • Cholesterol
  • Ash
  • Water
  • Calorie Intake

In total, there are 60 different Nutrients included. This makes our Nutrition Calculator one of the best on the market.

Some of the free calculators out there offer only fraction of our Nutrients List.

Other calculators with sufficient number of Nutrients usually cost way more than $9.95. On top of that they often come as monthly renewal service, which means that you must keep paying every month to use them.

With our calculator you get life-time use for one-time payment.

Other Handy Features of Our Calculator

To make things even more attractive to you, we have added few other handy features into our Carbohydrate (Carb) & Sugar Counter:

  • Foods separated into groups (fruit, vegetable, meats, nuts, etc)
  • Picking up foods from the List of Values (no need to type it in)
  • Added recommended daily intake values (which can be changed based on your needs)
  • Comparing actual intake against recommended values
  • Color scale (green: all OK, orange: getting worse, red: bad zone)
  • Option to adjust period (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

We would like to point you to some other useful resources.

1. Recommended Daily Allowances

When it comes to recommended daily allowances of nutrients (RDI or RDA) then they off course depend on your age, gender and few other factors (pregnancy, lactation period and so on).

You can find all these values on our page by clicking on “RDI / RDA” item in the navigation menu. Or simply click here and it will take you there.

2. Top Food Lists

Other useful resources are tables showing which foods are rich in certain nutrient. This can be found here: Top Food Lists (you can also find them in our site’s navigation menu).

Using this guide will help you quickly find foods that are high in certain nutrient.

For example, if you find out using our calculator that your diet lacks Vitamin C, the Top Food Lists will help you find foods with high content of Vitamin C and increase its intake naturally.

Extra Bonus

If you buy our Nutrition Calculator we give you a FREE e-Book that contains much bigger Top Food Lists.

This eBook is 370 pages long and for each Nutrient contains 250 Foods that are rich in that Nutrient. So, really a great extra value!


We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and will enjoy even more using our Excel Carbohydrate, Calorie & Sugar Counter with other important nutrients if you decide to buy it.

So far we sold many copies and haven’t heard one single complain.

However, if you for whatever reason dislike our product we offer No-Questions Asked 30-Day Full Money Back Guarantee.

For review, download FREE sample version here: sample calculator

To purchase FULL version, please visit our sale site:

And off course, if you have any questions, queries or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us via our Contact Form or leave us comment below.

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