33 Inspirational Ideas For What Does a Food Processor Do

Have you ever wondered what can you do with a food processor?

You may already have one or are thinking about getting it. But before committing to any purchase you want to learn what all the things it can be used for are.

That’s reasonable – you don’t want to spend money just to find out later that your food processor is sitting on your kitchen counter catching a dust.

In this article I am going to give you some inspiration.  So, here are 33 things what you can do with it. And, off course, the list is not definitive. There are heaps of other ways you can put your new food processed to a good use.

What is a food processor used for –- 33 ideas
chop onionsmake breadcrumbsmince herbs
chop other vegetablesmake cookie crumbsmince tomatoes
cut fatmake curry souceprepare cole slaw
cut french friesmake homemade mayonnaiseprepare dips and spreads
grate cheesemake nut butterprepare pate
grate fresh coconutmake pasta and pizza doughprepare salads
grind dried fruitsmake pastryprepare salsas and pestos
grind flourmake picklespurée soups and sauces
grind meatsmake smoothiesshred cabbage
grind nutsmake whipped cream cheeseslice carrots
make baby foodsmince garlicslice cucombers

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