10 Best Non-toxic Ceramic Cookware Sets: Review 2019

This Review presents 10 Ceramic Cookware Sets that we consider the best value for money in 2019. You might also be interested in our other cookware reviews:

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Products here are divided into the following 2 categories:

  • Budget & Mid-Range Products
  • High-End Products

5 Best Budget & Mid-Range Ceramic Cookware Sets

Criteria / ProductConcord 7 Pc Eco Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Cookware SetCook N Home NC-00359 Nonstick Ceramic Coating Cookware SetConcord 12 Piece Eco Friendly Ceramic Nonstick Healthy Cookware SetHeuck 30119 Classics Series Nano 8-Piece Ceramic Cookware SetWearEver Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set
Our score53421 (Best)
More Details
User Rating*4.0 out of 54.6 out of 54.5 out of 54.8 out of 54.5 out of 5
No of Reviews*50+ Reviews110+ Reviews10+ Reviews9+ Reviews280+ Reviews
Pieces in a Set7 Pieces10 Pieces12 Pieces8 Pieces10 Pieces
  • PTFE-Free
  • Pearl White Ceramic Nonstick Coating
  • Plastic handles
  • Aluminum core
  • Free of PTFE, PFOA, Cadmium & Lead
  • Nonstick ceramic coating
  • Anti-slip coating on plastic handles
  • Thick gauge aluminum core
  • PTFE-Free
  • White Double Layered Ceramic Nonstick Coating
  • Plastic ergonomic handles
  • Aluminum core
  • Free of PTFE, PFOA, Cadmium & Lead
  • NANO ceramic nonstick coating
  • Soft touch plastic handles
  • Aluminum core
  • Free of PTFE, PFOA & Cadmium
  • Durable ceramic (stain & scratch resistance)
  • Softtouch silicone handles
  • Heavy gauge aluminum core & base

5 Best Top-of-the-Range Ceramic Cookware Sets

Criteria / ProductWearEver C944SA64 Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Cookware SetBialetti 8-Piece Aeternum Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set, RedCeraStone PFS1016 Pressure Forged 10-Piece Ceramic Cookware Set, BlackCeraStone CCWCS06 Ceracast 6-Piece Ceramic Non Stick Cookware Set, BlackCuisinart Pro-Classic 14 Piece Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set
Our score1 (Best)5243
More Details
User Rating*4.3 out of 53.2 out of 55.0 out of 55.0 out of 5n/a
No of Reviews*430+ Reviews80+ Reviews2+ Reviews3+ Reviews0 Reviews
Pieces in a Set10 Pieces8 Pieces10 Pieces6 Pieces14 Pieces
  • Free of PTFE, PFOA & Cadmium
  • Durable ceramic coating
  • Dishwasher & Oven Safe
  • High quality aluminum base
  • PTFE & PFOA free
  • Nano-ceramic non-stick interiors
  • Soft-touch ergonomic handles
  • Heavyweight coined aluminum construction
  • PTFE & PFOA free
  • Stone Coat 2020 ceramic interior with diamond infused technology
  • Bakelite handles
  • Thick Aluminum construction
  • PTFE & PFOA free
  • Stone Coat 2020 ceramic interior with diamond infused technology
  • TPR Silicone handles
  • Cast aluminum core
  • PTFE & PFOA free
  • Nano-ceramic technology
  • Nonslip soft-grip, Heat-resistant handles
  • Aluminum construction

*Note: Values in fields “User Rating” and “No of Reviews” may change with time. These charts show information valid as of the publication date of this Review.

Why Are Ceramic Cookware Sets a Better Option

Compared to other non-stick cookware ceramic is considered healthier option. The reason is that standard non-stick materials contain or are produced with chemical considered harmful or potentially harmful to your health.

Ceramic Cookware coating is usually free of the following chemicals:

  • PFOA
  • PTFE
  • Cadmium
  • Lead

What Are These Chemicals and How Can They Be Harmful?

Here we are going to briefly describe the above chemicals – their purpose, possible health effects and the best ways to avoid their exposure.


PFOA is acronym for perfluoroctanoate, a synthetic chemical not occurring naturally in the environment. PFOA can cause developmental effects, diabetes and chronic renal disease. Its exposure to small children is of special concern.

PFOA is also very persistent, breaks down very slowly and remains in the human body for a very long time. Most Ceramic Cookware is free of this hazardous chemical.


PTFE means polytetrafluorethylene. It is mostly used in Teflon based cookware. PTFE itself is not considered toxic. However, at high temperatures above 680 degrees it transforms to other harmful chemicals which can pose a danger to your health.

PTFE, like PFOA is very persistent and can stay in human body for a long time. While in short term it’s not considered toxic, its long term exposure has unknown effects.

Another problem is that Teflon pans release toxic gasses at temperatures as low as 460 degrees Fahrenheit. For that reason it may be wise to avoid all cookware that contains PTFE.


Cadmium is a heavy metal. Like most heavy metals it is extremely toxic. Cadmium’s most common way to human body is through inhalation of toxic gases.

Acute exposure to cadmium can cause flu-like symptoms, fever and muscle pain. Chronic or severe exposure can lead to tracheo-bronchitis, pneumonitis, and pulmonary edema.

It can also cause weak bones, losing bone mineral density or even a cancer. Cadmium is extra dangerous to small children – it can cause them a brain damage.

In the past Cadmium was added into red, orange and yellow paint of enameled cooking pots. It should not happen today. However, many pots these days are produced in China where safety regulations are weaker. For this reason we advise caution when buying all painted cookware.


Lead, similarly as Cadmium is dangerous heavy metal. Lead poisoning can be extra dangerous, especially for children under the age of 6.

Lead exposure will cause symptoms like fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite, stomach discomfort, reduced attention span or insomnia. In case of prolonged exposure it can also cause conditions such as poor muscle coordination, nerve damage, hearing and vision impairment or retarded fetal development.

Even some Ceramic Cookware may contain it since lead. That’s because lead is sometimes used for glazing of ceramic coating.

Acidic foods such as oranges, tomatoes or vinegar may cause lead leaks into your food.

Western countries have strict rules about maximum acceptable levels of lead in cookware and other household products. This may not be the case in some developing countries.


Before buying any cookware, make sure that it is free of PFOA, PFTE, Cadmium and Lead. Or at least choose one that is within the government’s approved limits.

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