25 Best Cordless Electric Hot Water & Tea Kettles: Review 2019

This Review examines 25 Electric Kettles that we consider the best value for money in year 2019. They are divided into the following 5 categories:

  • Premium High-End Products
  • High-End Products
  • Mid-Range Products
  • Economy Products
  • Budget Products

5 Best Premium High-End Kettles

Criteria / ProductBreville BKE820XL Variable-Temperature 1.8-Liter KettleChef's Choice 688 SmartKettle Cordless 1-3/4-Quart Electric KettleBonavita 1-Liter Variable Temperature Digital Electric Gooseneck KettleFrigidaire Professional Programmable Water KettleDeLonghi Kmix 54-Ounce Kettle
Our score3421 (Best)5
More Details
User Rating*3.8 out of 53.8 out of 54.4 out of 54.6 out of 54.4 out of 5
No of Reviews*170+ Reviews80+ Reviews190+ Reviews10+ Reviews100+ Reviews
Volume in Quarts2-Quart1.75-Quart1-Quart1.8-Quart1.7-Quart
MaterialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel (interior)
Variable TemperatureYesYesYesYesNo
Other Features1500-Watt, Hold temp button (20 min.), Boil dry protection1500-Watt, Digital Display, Keep warm mode, Boil dry protection1000-Watt, Digital Display, Keep warm mode, BPA-Free1500-Watt, Keep warm function (30 min.)Durable, Quality materials, Expert craftsmanship
Shipping Weight6 Pounds4 Pounds3 Pounds4 Pounds10 Pounds

5 Best High-End Kettles

Criteria / ProductCuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric KettleChef'sChoice M679 Cordless Electric Glass KettleAdagio Teas 30 oz. utiliTEA Variable Temperature Electric KettleNesco 1.8 qt. Electric Water KettleChef's Choice M681 International Cordless Electric Kettle
Our score241 (Best)53
More Details
User Rating*3.9 out of 54 out of 54.4 out of 53.8 out of 54.4 out of 5
No of Reviews*1000+ Reviews80+ Reviews320+ Reviews80+ Reviews260+ Reviews
Volume in Quarts1.8-Quart1.75-Quart0.9-Quart1.8-Quart1.75-Quart
MaterialStainless steelGlassStainless steelGlassStainless steel
Variable TemperatureYesNoYesNoNo
Other Features1500-Watt, 6 heat settings, Keep warm function (30 min.), Boil-dry protection1500-Watt, Dual boil-dry protection, Lid-lock1500-Watt, Knob temperature control, BPA Free1500-Watt, Boil-dry protection1500-Watt, Boil-dry protection
Shipping Weight4 Pounds4 Pounds3 Pounds4 Pounds3 Pounds

5 Most Popular Mid-Range Kettles

Criteria / ProductHamilton Beach 40898 Cool-Touch 8-Cup Cordless Electric KettleBodum 11451-294US 17-Ounce Electric Water Kettle, RedMelitta 40994 1.7-Liter KettleChef's Choice 673 Cordless Compact Electric KettleOvente KG83 Series 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle
Our score541 (Best)32
More Details
User Rating*3.8 out of 54.4 out of 54.5 out of 54.4 out of 54.4 out of 5
No of Reviews*580+ Reviews70+ Reviews100+ Reviews90+ Reviews110+ Reviews
Volume in Quarts1.25-Quart0.5-Quart1.8-Quart1-Quart1.6-Quart
MaterialStainless steelPlasticStainless steelStainless steelBorosilicate glass
Variable TemperatureNoNoNoNoNo
Other Features1500 Watts700-Watt, BPA Free1500-Watt, Boil-dry protection1500-Watt, Boil-dry protection1100-Watt, Boil-dry protection
Shipping Weight2 Pounds3 Pounds4 Pounds3 Pounds4 Pounds

5 Best Economy Kettles

Criteria / ProductAROMA AWK-125R 7-Cup Stainless Steel Electric KettleHamilton Beach 40996 Programmable Kettle, 1.7-LiterT-fal BF650003 Vitesses 1.7L Electric Kettle with Variable TemperatureHamilton Beach 1.7L Electric KettleAroma AWK-115S Hot H20 X-Press 1-1/2-Liter Cordless Water Kettle
Our score4251 (Best)3
More Details
User Rating*4.7 out of 53.9 out of 54.2 out of 54.3 out of 54.1 out of 5
No of Reviews*40+ Reviews190+ Reviews400+ Reviews420+ Reviews1700+ Reviews
Volume in Quarts1.8-Quart1.8-Quart1.8-Quart1.8-Quart1.6-Quart
MaterialStainless steelStainless steelPlasticStainless steelStainless steel
Variable TemperatureNoYesYesNoNo
Other Features1500-Watt1500-Watt, Keep warm mode, Digital Display, Programable (wake-up ready hot)1750-Watt, Temperature control knob, Boil-dry protection1500-Watt, Boil-dry protection1500-Watt
Shipping Weight3 Pounds3 Pounds3 Pounds4 Pounds3 Pounds

5 Best Budget Kettles

Criteria / ProductT-fal BF6138US Balanced Living Electric Mini KettleHamilton Beach Stainless Steel Ensemble Electric Kettle, 10-CupHamilton Beach K6080 Large Cordless KettleBrentwood 1.2L SS Cordless Tea Kettle BrushedHamilton Beach Brands K2070 1-Qt. Electric Kettle
Our score3241 (Best)5
More Details
User Rating*4.6 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.1 out of 54.2 out of 5
No of Reviews*300+ Reviews460+ Reviews410+ Reviews680+ Reviews1700+ Reviews
Volume in Quarts1-Quart2.5-Quart1.9-Quart1.6-Quart1-Quart
MaterialPlasticStainless steelPlasticStainless steelPlastic
Variable TemperatureYesNoNoNoNo
Other Features1750-Watt, Temperature control knob1500-Watts1500-Watts, Biol-dry protection1000-Watt, Biol-dry protection1000-Watt, Boil-dry protection, Imersed heating element
Shipping Weight3 Pounds4 Pounds3 Pounds2 Pounds2 Pounds

*Note: Values in fields “User Rating” and “No of Reviews” may change with time. These charts show information valid as of the publication date of this Review.

What To Look for When Buying an Electric Kettle

Before you choose to buy particular Kettle, consider few of the product features first. Selecting the right Kettle will help you avoid quite common post-purchase disappointment and second thoughts.

You also won’t be tempted to buy some better product later down the road. You may have already heard a saying “I can’t afford to buy cheap stuff”. So, it’s better to choose once and wisely than dmaking impulsive purchases many times over and over again..

You should look at the following 3 areas:

  1. General Product Features
  2. Features Specific to Your Requirements
  3. Other Things

1. General Product Features

We advise you to evaluate the following 4 general criteria. They normally apply to any model; regardless of what you intend to use it for.

Kettle Material           

Kettles are produced from 3 common materials. Cheaper models are made of Plastic. From own experience these are also the least durable.

Some recent studies even suggested that plastic may leach harmful substances into the water. These Kettles are cheap, but think if it’s worth saving few dollars and risk your health.

In some cases plastic is a convenient material. It’s lightweight, so it’s very good for traveling. If you travel often and need to take your Kettle with you then plastic ones may be a good choice. Aim for plastic that is BPA-Free.

Plastic Kettles usually have exposed heating element which may get rusty or water stones may form on its surface. For that reason they require more maintenance than other types.

Better quality Kettles are produced from Stainless Steel. These are better than plastic ones and they also look way better. Most stainless steel Kettles are fitted with covered heating element. This will protect it from water damage.

You should be aware of one more thing. Many stainless steel Kettles have few plastic parts embedded in them, the most common is the transparent water level scale.

Make sure that your Kettle is using a non-toxic plastic. Recently there has been some ongoing discussion regarding this issue. Look for Kettles which have all parts that come in contact with water from BPA-Free materials.

The most premium Kettles are made of Glass. Well, not completely from glass – the heating surface is still made of stainless steel while the surrounding walls are from glass.

These Kettles not only look good, but have many practical advantages, too. The main one is that you can easily see exactly how much water is in it. The second important thing is that glass doesn’t leach any harmful chemicals into the water.

Even though Stainless Steel Kettles don’t leach chemicals, they can still deposit iron into the water.

While small amount of iron are not dangerous, some people may be allergic to elemental iron or to iron oxides. This is different than iron from food which is normally bound into organic molecules. Glass Kettles should ease these types of concerns.


The most common power output used in Kettles is usually 1500 Watts. This will ensure quick boiling even with larger volumes of water.

Some cheaper or smaller models come with less power, usually in the range of 700 to 1300 Watts.

The most powerful models have 1750 Watts. With this power you should be able to boil water in no time. Be careful to pour enough water into Kettle, otherwise it may get easily overheated, even with the boil-dry control function.

Cordless and 360 Degree Rotation

Almost all modern kettles are cordless. They have base connected with cord to electricity and then the Kettle itself if attached to the base.

You should consider one safety feature here. Good Kettles do not have wires directly exposed on the base. If they do and you or your child accidentally touches it, it can give you an electric shock.

Some models come with safety locks. They should prevent the Kettle detaching from the base.

Another handy feature is 360 degrees rotation ability. The only models that do not offer this function are the cheapest Electric Kettles usually made from plastic.


Most products come with standard 1-Year Warranty, although few offer up to 3-Year Warranty, especially Cuisinart Kettles.

Electric Kettles aren’t expensive appliances, so even if they stop working after one year, it shouldn’t cost a fortune to replace them.

However, if you are environmentally aware or prefer not to buy new appliances every year or so, then choosing model with longer warranty will make sense.

2. Features Specific to Your Requirements

Temperature Control

Better models offer variable temperature controls which allow setting your desired temperature precisely on Digital Displays in degrees Fahrenheit.

Other models have got pre-set temperatures incorporated in their temperature controls. These settings are generally for boiling water, green tea, hot chocolate and so on.

Some Electric Kettles come with heat controls clock-style knob, letting you choose any temperature on the scale. These Kettles, however, do not show exact number in degrees.


If you plan to use your Hot Water or Tea Kettle at home for just one or two people then small volume of 0.5 to 1-Quart (or litres) will be more than enough.

For restaurants, larger families or if you require larger volumes of hot water we recommend a product with volume of 1.5 to 2 Quarts. This will let you serving hot drinks at the same time.


Programmability is a very handy feature. Some Kettles can be programmed to keep the water warm for a period of time, usually 30 minutes.

Other can be pre-programmed to heat the water at specific times of the day. For example you may set them to boil water at 7:00am in the morning. So, when you wake up, the water is ready for your tea or coffee.

3. Others Things

We would like to mention one last thing, which may speak about the product quality, usability and its lifespan.

It is country where the product was manufactured. Products made in the USA or Europe (countries like Germany, France, Switzerland or Italy) are usually of better quality than those made in China.

I know there are just few last manufacturing plants left in the developed world these days, however they still exist. If you can get product from one of those countries, then it should be a good choice.

However, take this rule just as a general guide. Chinese products might have been of substandard quality in the past. However, these days they are getting better. Many higher-end products manufactured in China recently are of good quality.

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