What Is The Paleo Diet – Simple, Yet Complete Summary

The Paleo Diet is a popular nutritional plan based on the presumed nutritional habits of Palaeolithic humans. It is also know by other names, such as Primal, Caveman or Palaeolithic Diet.

What are the Main Principles?

The Paleo Diet is based on these 3 premises:

  1. Human genetics have very little changed since the start of agriculture around 15,000 years ago.
  2. Modern humans are adapted to the diet of this prehistoric period.
  3. It is possible for modern science to determine what such diets consisted of.

What Foods Are Allowed?

It allows consumption of the following foods:

  • fish
  • grass-fed pasture raised meats
  • eggs
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • fungi
  • roots
  • nuts

What Foods Should Be Avoided?

All foods perceived to be products of agriculture and processed foods are restricted. Here are examples of foods excluded from the Paleo Diet:

  • grains
  • legumes
  • stretches
  • dairy products
  • potatoes
  • refined salt
  • refined sugar
  • processed oils
  • alcohol

Are There Any Exceptions?

Paleo Diet allows for some compromises as it may prove complicated to source all pure natural foods.

So, instead of grass-fed pasture raised meats you can eat commercially raised meats or eggs.

Can The Food Be Cooked?

Unlike raw food diets, all foods in Paleo Diet may be cooked, without restrictions.

However, some Paleo dieters believe that humans have not adapted to cooked foods since the invention of fire. Therefore, they eat only foods which are both raw and Paleolithic.

What Are The Health Benefits?

Proponents of Paleo Diet believe that it can prevent many degenerative diseases such as*:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • heart disease
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer
  • depression
  • infertility

The 5 Most Popular Paleo Diet Guides

You can learn more about Paleo Diet from one of these 5 popular guides:

Guide NameThe Paleo Recipe BookPaleo Diet Guides From Robb WolfYour Guide To PaleoCaveman Feast (200+ Tantalizing Paleo Recipes)1000 Paleo Recipes
Our Rating1 (Best)3452
More Details
No of Recipes / Pages370+ Recipes30 Days of Recipes120+ Pages Guide200+ Recipes1000 Recipes
Included / Bonuses
  • Full 8-Week Meal Plan
  • Paleo Deserts
  • Quick & Simple Paleo Meals
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Troubleshooting Paleo
  • 30 Day Transformation Guide
  • 30 Days of Paleo Recipes
  • Paleo on a Budget Guide
  • Paleo Dining Out Guide
  • Troubleshooting Flowcharts
  • Your Guide To Paleo
  • Paleo Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet
  • Alcohol Cheat Sheet
  • Fat-Burning Man eBook
  • Introducing to Paleo Video
  • The Primal Rockstars eBook
  • A Paleo Pumpkin Thanksgiving eBook
  • “The Fat-Burning Man Show
  • Paleo Quickstart Guide
  • Paleo Desert Recipes
FormatDigital eBooksDigital eBooksDigital eBooksDigital eBooks + VideoDigital eBooks


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