List of Main 6 Essential Macro-Nutrients in Food for Humans

Imagine a human body being like a car. For a car to function properly it needs the right amount of fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, breaks fluid, water in the radiator and so on.

If just one of these things is missing the car will start to crumble. It can still go on for a while but as you drive it, more and more damage is done. Eventually at one point the car breaks.

The cost of fixing initial problem would have been few dollars. Once it breaks, the repairs may run well into thousands of dollars.

With human body it’s very similar.

In order to function well and maintain optimum health your body needs nutrients – the right amount and in proper proportion.

If you are not getting enough of some nutrients then you may get away with it for a while. But sooner or later your body will issue you a bill in form of poor health.

Depending on how negligent you were fixing it may cost few bucks or run into thousands, similarly as with the car example. Continue reading “List of Main 6 Essential Macro-Nutrients in Food for Humans” »