Top 120 Foods High in Water

Animal Foods
g in 100 g
milk nonfat90.8
milk reduced fat 2%89.33
milk whole 3.25%88.32
yogurt plain whole milk87.9
crab cooked in moist heat77.55
shrimps boiled77.28
lobster cooked in moist heat76.03
cod cooked in dry heat75.92
eggs raw75.84
eggs hard-boiled74.62
salmon smoked72
trout cooked in dry heat71.91
duck liver71.78
pork liver raw71.06
turkey breast roasted70.91
veal liver braised70.89
sturgeon cooked in dry heat69.94
pork tenderloin lean roasted69.45
salami turkey68.93
swordfish cooked in dry heat68.75
chicken giblets simmered67.72
chicken liver cooked66.81
chicken meat stewed66.81
beef meat lean roasted65.55
pork chops lean broiled65.01
squid fried64.54
pork liver braised64.32
herring cooked in dry heat64.16
beef meat lean broiled62.98
pork tenderloin lean broiled62.3
beef shoulder grilled62.22
beef liver fried62.01
turkey roasted61.7
pork chops lean braised61.41
pork shoulder lean roasted60.64
veal meat lean cooked60.16
lamb leg braised in oil59.95
tuna canned in oil59.83
salmon cooked in dry heat59.62
sardines in oil59.61
tuna cooked in dry heat59.09
beef liver braised58.81
veal meat cooked57.08
turkey liver simmered56.95
pork chops lean pan-fried56.81
lamb liver braised56.67
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted54.8
fish fingers breaded53.57
mackerel cooked in dry heat53.27
egg yolk raw52.31
lamb shoulder lean braised47.86
chicken breast baked47.76
cheese edam41.56
bacon raw40.2
Plant Foods
g in 100 g
cucumber raw without peel96.73
cabbage chinese boiled95.55
cabbage chinese raw95.32
cucumber raw with peel95.23
lettuce raw95.07
zucchini boiled94.74
zucchini raw94.64
tomatoes raw94.5
tomatoes cooked94.34
cucumber pickles94.08
peppers sweet green raw93.89
rhubarb raw93.61
asparagus raw93.22
cauliflower boiled93
asparagus cooked92.63
cabbage green boiled92.57
cress boiled92.5
peppers sweet red92.21
cabbage green raw92.18
peppers sweet yellow92.02
cauliflower raw91.91
peppers sweet green boiled91.87
watermelon red91.45
spinach raw91.4
spinach boiled91.21
kale boiled91.2
mushrooms boiled91.08
bamboo shoots91
cabbage red cooked90.84
beans kidney raw90.7
chives raw90.65
grapefruit white90.48
cabbage red raw90.39
beans snap green raw90.27
carrot boiled90.17
onion spring89.83
dandelion greens boiled89.8
cress raw89.4
broccoli row89.3
beans kidney boiled89.3
broccoli cooked89.25
beans snap green boiled89.22
brussels sprouts boiled88.9
orange juice raw88.3
carrot raw88.29
grapefruit red88.06
butternut squash baked87.8
parsley raw87.71
apples without skin86.67
butternut squash raw86.41

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