Top 120 Foods High in Vitamin K

Animal Foods
ug in 100 g
tuna canned in oil44
veal meat lean cooked6.6
veal meat cooked6.6
chicken breast baked4.5
beef liver fried3.9
beef liver braised3.3
sardines in oil2.6
chicken meat stewed2.4
cheese edam2.3
beef meat lean broiled1.4
beef meat lean roasted1.3
salami turkey1.3
turkey liver simmered1.2
turkey roasted0.9
veal liver braised0.9
beef shoulder grilled0.9
egg yolk raw0.7
eggs raw0.3
eggs hard-boiled0.3
yogurt plain whole milk0.2
milk reduced fat 2%0.2
milk whole 3.25%0.2
whey dried0.1
salmon smoked0.1
herring cooked in dry heat0.1
lobster cooked in moist heat0.1
cod cooked in dry heat0.1
sturgeon cooked in dry heat0.1
Plant Foods
ug in 100 g
parsley raw1640
kale raw817
kale boiled817
dandelion greens raw778.4
dandelion greens boiled551.4
cress raw541.9
spinach boiled493.6
spinach raw482.9
cress boiled383.4
chives raw212.7
onion spring207
brussels sprouts raw177
lettuce raw173.6
broccoli cooked141.1
brussels sprouts boiled140.3
cabbage green boiled108.7
broccoli row101.6
cabbage green raw76
plums dried59.5
pine nuts dried53.9
pumpkin seeds51.4
asparagus cooked50.6
cabbage red cooked47.6
cucumber pickles47
cabbage chinese raw45.5
tomatoes sun-dried43
asparagus raw41.6
cabbage red raw38.2
cashews oil roasted34.7
cashews dry roasted34.7
cashews raw34.1
cabbage chinese boiled34
rhubarb raw29.3
peas boiled25.9
spirulina dried25.5
peas raw24.8
rhubarb boiled21.1
pears dried20.4
cucumber raw with peel16.4
beans snap green boiled16
cauliflower raw16
peaches dried15.7
figs dried15.6
beans snap green raw14.4
cauliflower boiled13.8
carrot boiled13.7
pistachio nuts roasted salt added13.2
carrot raw13.2
currants white and red11
peppers sweet green boiled9.8
chocolate for baking9.7
tomatoes raw7.9
tofu fried7.8
bread whole-wheat7.8
peppers sweet green raw7.4
cucumber raw without peel7.2
chocolate milk5.7
beans white raw5.6
peppers sweet red4.9
figs raw4.7
flax seeds4.3
zucchini raw4.3
zucchini boiled4.2
pecan nuts3.5
beans white cooked3.5
apricots raw3.3
oat bran3.2
bread wheat white3.1

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