Top 120 Foods High in Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
rice bran4.07
chives freeze dried1.996
pistachio nuts raw1.7
sunflower seeds dried1.345
wheat bran raw1.303
yeast extract spread1.3
pistachio nuts roasted salt added1.274
celery seeds0.89
sesame paste0.816
sesame seeds0.79
chestnuts dried0.666
flax seeds0.473
poppy seed0.444
cashews raw0.417
spirulina dried0.364
chestnuts raw0.352
thyme raw0.348
rosemary fresh0.336
tomatoes sun-dried0.332
taro cooked0.331
cashews oil roasted0.323
beans white raw0.318
potatoes no skin baked0.301
coconut meat dried0.3
peppers sweet red0.291
macadamia nuts0.275
kale raw0.271
potatoes no skin boiled0.269
peas sprouted0.265
wheat sprouted0.265
cashews dry roasted0.256
dandelion greens raw0.251
cress raw0.247
spinach boiled0.242
bamboo shoots0.24
peppers sweet green boiled0.233
cabbage red cooked0.225
peppers sweet green raw0.224
pumpkin seeds0.224
cauliflower raw0.222
brussels sprouts raw0.219
zucchini raw0.218
peas boiled0.216
potatoes with skin baked0.211
pecan nuts0.21
cabbage red raw0.209
bread whole-wheat0.209
plums dried0.205
broccoli cooked0.2
spinach raw0.195
cabbage chinese raw0.194
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
turkey liver simmered1.04
beef liver fried1.027
beef liver braised1.017
veal liver braised0.957
salmon cooked in dry heat0.944
duck liver0.76
chicken liver cooked0.755
pork tenderloin lean roasted0.739
pork chops lean broiled0.701
pork liver raw0.69
beef meat lean broiled0.656
beef meat lean roasted0.6
whey dried0.584
pork liver braised0.57
salami pork0.55
pork tenderloin lean broiled0.528
tuna cooked in dry heat0.525
pork chops lean pan-fried0.513
lamb liver braised0.49
trout cooked in dry heat0.462
mackerel cooked in dry heat0.46
lamb leg braised in oil0.43
salami turkey0.427
turkey roasted0.41
beef shoulder grilled0.41
pork chops lean braised0.401
chicken giblets simmered0.397
bacon pan-fried0.389
swordfish cooked in dry heat0.381
egg yolk raw0.35
herring cooked in dry heat0.348
veal meat lean cooked0.33
turkey breast roasted0.32
pork shoulder lean roasted0.317
veal meat cooked0.31
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted0.288
cod cooked in dry heat0.283
salmon smoked0.278
chicken meat stewed0.26
sturgeon cooked in dry heat0.23
bacon raw0.21
crab cooked in moist heat0.18
sardines in oil0.167
eggs raw0.143
shrimps boiled0.127
eggs hard-boiled0.121
tuna canned in oil0.11
fish fingers breaded0.102
lamb shoulder lean braised0.08
lobster cooked in moist heat0.077
cheese edam0.076
squid fried0.058
milk nonfat0.04

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