Top 120 Foods High in Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
rice bran7.39
shiitake boiled3.594
spirulina dried3.48
wheat bran raw2.181
mushrooms boiled2.16
chives freeze dried2.106
tomatoes sun-dried2.087
oat bran1.494
cashews dry roasted1.217
sunflower seeds dried1.13
peas sprouted1.029
flax seeds0.985
nuts mix oil roasted0.962
wheat sprouted0.947
chestnuts dried0.901
cashews oil roasted0.88
cashews raw0.864
pecan nuts0.863
rosemary fresh0.804
coconut meat dried0.8
macadamia nuts0.758
beans white raw0.732
sesame butter0.693
bread whole-wheat0.686
cauliflower raw0.652
corn bran0.636
broccoli cooked0.616
lentils sprouted raw0.578
broccoli row0.573
peaches dried0.564
potatoes no skin baked0.555
pistachio nuts raw0.52
apricots dried0.516
pistachio nuts roasted salt added0.513
potatoes no skin boiled0.509
cauliflower boiled0.508
chestnuts raw0.476
chocolate milk0.472
almonds raw0.469
figs dried0.434
plums dried0.422
thyme raw0.409
curry sauce dry mix0.4
butternut squash raw0.4
parsley raw0.4
black currant0.398
dill weed fresh0.397
rice white cooked0.39
potatoes with skin baked0.383
beans kidney boiled0.381
beans kidney raw0.368
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
beef liver braised7.11
beef liver fried6.943
chicken liver cooked6.668
pork liver raw6.65
duck liver6.184
veal liver braised6.065
whey dried5.62
pork liver braised4.774
turkey liver simmered4.35
lamb liver braised3.96
chicken giblets simmered3.274
egg yolk raw2.99
salmon cooked in dry heat1.92
eggs raw1.438
eggs hard-boiled1.398
tuna cooked in dry heat1.37
veal meat lean cooked1.33
bacon pan-fried1.31
veal meat cooked1.26
salami turkey1.074
beef shoulder grilled1.07
salami pork1.06
pork tenderloin lean roasted1.012
pork chops lean pan-fried0.998
mackerel cooked in dry heat0.99
lamb leg braised in oil0.929
pork tenderloin lean broiled0.917
chicken breast baked0.915
salmon smoked0.87
sturgeon cooked in dry heat0.87
trout cooked in dry heat0.865
turkey roasted0.858
pork chops lean braised0.75
chicken meat stewed0.746
herring cooked in dry heat0.74
pork chops lean broiled0.672
pork shoulder lean roasted0.651
sardines in oil0.642
beef meat lean broiled0.601
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted0.6
beef meat lean roasted0.535
bacon raw0.52
squid fried0.51
lamb shoulder lean braised0.5
turkey breast roasted0.489
crab cooked in moist heat0.4
yogurt plain whole milk0.389
swordfish cooked in dry heat0.38
tuna canned in oil0.37
milk whole 3.25%0.362
milk reduced fat 2%0.356
shrimps boiled0.34
milk nonfat0.329

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