Top 120 Foods High in Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
yeast extract spread97
rice bran33.995
wheat bran raw13.578
spirulina dried12.82
tomatoes sun-dried9.05
sunflower seeds dried8.335
sesame paste6.7
chives freeze dried5.9
sesame butter5.45
bread whole-wheat4.714
sesame seeds4.515
mushrooms boiled4.46
pine nuts dried4.387
bread wheat white4.385
peaches dried4.375
almonds dry roasted3.85
watermelon seeds3.55
almonds raw3.385
peas sprouted3.088
wheat sprouted3.087
flax seeds3.08
celery seeds3.06
beans kidney boiled3.024
beans kidney raw2.92
corn bran2.735
apricots dried2.589
macadamia nuts2.473
cocoa 100%2.185
peas raw2.09
peas boiled2.021
nuts mix oil roasted1.964
plums dried1.882
thyme raw1.824
pumpkin seeds1.745
cashews oil roasted1.736
peppermint raw1.706
dill weed fresh1.57
potatoes with skin baked1.528
rice brown cooked1.528
shiitake boiled1.5
rice white cooked1.476
pistachio nuts roasted salt added1.425
cashews dry roasted1.4
potatoes no skin baked1.395
pears dried1.372
chocolate for baking1.355
parsley raw1.313
potatoes no skin boiled1.312
pistachio nuts raw1.3
butternut squash raw1.2
pecan nuts1.167
lentils sprouted raw1.128
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
beef liver braised17.525
beef liver fried17.475
pork liver raw15.301
tuna canned in oil12.4
lamb liver braised12.15
swordfish cooked in dry heat11.79
bacon pan-fried11.575
chicken liver cooked11.045
veal liver braised10.55
tuna cooked in dry heat10.54
turkey liver simmered10.2
sturgeon cooked in dry heat10.1
salmon cooked in dry heat10.077
turkey breast roasted9.067
beef meat lean broiled8.741
pork chops lean broiled8.485
pork liver braised8.435
veal meat lean cooked8.42
veal meat cooked7.97
beef meat lean roasted7.939
pork tenderloin lean roasted7.432
mackerel cooked in dry heat6.85
chicken giblets simmered6.625
duck liver6.5
chicken meat stewed6.117
pork chops lean pan-fried5.997
lamb shoulder lean braised5.85
salami pork5.6
chicken breast baked5.559
lamb leg braised in oil5.433
sardines in oil5.245
pork tenderloin lean broiled5.135
turkey roasted5.086
pork chops lean braised4.856
salmon smoked4.72
pork shoulder lean roasted4.26
herring cooked in dry heat4.124
beef shoulder grilled4.06
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted3.991
salami turkey3.979
bacon raw3.828
trout cooked in dry heat2.923
squid fried2.602
shrimps boiled2.59
cod cooked in dry heat2.513
fish fingers breaded2.102
crab cooked in moist heat1.34
whey dried1.258
lobster cooked in moist heat1.07
milk whole 3.25%0.107
milk reduced fat 2%0.092
milk nonfat0.088
cheese edam0.082

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