Top 64 Foods High in Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

Vegetable Foods
µg in 100 g
chocolate milk0.75
yeast extract spread0.5
curry sauce dry mix0.4
Animal Foods
ug in 100 g
beef liver fried83.13
lamb liver braised76.5
beef liver braised70.58
veal liver braised59.85
turkey liver simmered58.2
duck liver54
pork liver raw26
mackerel cooked in dry heat19
pork liver braised18.67
chicken liver cooked16.85
herring cooked in dry heat13.14
crab cooked in moist heat11.5
tuna cooked in dry heat10.88
chicken giblets simmered9.44
sardines in oil8.94
beef shoulder grilled6.18
lamb shoulder lean braised3.71
trout cooked in dry heat3.46
salmon smoked3.26
lobster cooked in moist heat3.11
salmon cooked in dry heat3.05
lamb leg braised in oil3.05
salami pork2.8
sturgeon cooked in dry heat2.5
whey dried2.37
tuna canned in oil2.2
swordfish cooked in dry heat2.02
egg yolk raw1.95
beef meat lean broiled1.71
veal meat lean cooked1.65
veal meat cooked1.57
cheese edam1.54
shrimps boiled1.49
bacon pan-fried1.3
beef meat lean roasted1.3
eggs raw1.29
squid fried1.23
fish fingers breaded1.11
eggs hard-boiled1.11
cod cooked in dry heat1.05
pork tenderloin lean broiled1
salami turkey0.99
pork shoulder lean roasted0.86
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted0.8
pork chops lean pan-fried0.76
bacon raw0.69
pork tenderloin lean roasted0.57
pork chops lean broiled0.54
pork chops lean braised0.51
milk reduced fat 2%0.46
milk whole 3.25%0.44
milk nonfat0.38
yogurt plain whole milk0.37

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