Top 120 Foods High in Vitamin B1 (Thiamin)

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
yeast extract spread9.7
rice bran2.753
spirulina dried2.38
flax seeds1.644
sunflower seeds dried1.48
sesame butter1.22
macadamia nuts1.195
oat bran1.17
potatoes no skin boiled0.98
chives freeze dried0.9
pistachio nuts raw0.87
poppy seed0.849
pistachio nuts roasted salt added0.84
sesame seeds0.791
pecan nuts0.66
brazil nuts0.617
tomatoes sun-dried0.528
wheat bran raw0.523
nuts mix oil roasted0.504
bread wheat white0.455
beans white raw0.437
cashews raw0.423
beans kidney raw0.37
pine nuts dried0.364
cashews oil roasted0.363
beans kidney boiled0.362
chestnuts dried0.354
bread whole-wheat0.353
celery seeds0.34
peas raw0.266
peas boiled0.259
sesame paste0.24
lentils sprouted raw0.228
wheat sprouted0.225
peas sprouted0.225
almonds raw0.211
pumpkin seeds0.21
cashews dry roasted0.2
dandelion greens raw0.19
watermelon seeds0.19
tofu fried0.17
rice white cooked0.163
asparagus cooked0.162
bamboo shoots0.15
chocolate for baking0.147
chestnuts raw0.144
asparagus raw0.143
brussels sprouts raw0.139
dandelion greens boiled0.13
beans white cooked0.118
chocolate milk0.112
kale raw0.11
taro cooked0.107
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
pork chops lean pan-fried1.243
pork tenderloin lean broiled0.988
pork tenderloin lean roasted0.95
salami pork0.93
pork chops lean braised0.822
pork shoulder lean roasted0.628
pork chops lean broiled0.624
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted0.581
duck liver0.562
whey dried0.519
bacon pan-fried0.459
swordfish cooked in dry heat0.43
salami turkey0.426
turkey liver simmered0.38
chicken liver cooked0.291
pork liver raw0.283
bacon raw0.281
tuna cooked in dry heat0.278
salmon cooked in dry heat0.275
pork liver braised0.258
chicken breast baked0.256
lamb liver braised0.23
beef liver braised0.194
beef liver fried0.177
egg yolk raw0.176
veal liver braised0.173
mackerel cooked in dry heat0.159
chicken giblets simmered0.143
lamb leg braised in oil0.128
herring cooked in dry heat0.112
fish fingers breaded0.109
cod cooked in dry heat0.088
beef meat lean broiled0.083
lamb shoulder lean braised0.08
sturgeon cooked in dry heat0.08
sardines in oil0.08
beef shoulder grilled0.079
beef meat lean roasted0.078
eggs raw0.069
trout cooked in dry heat0.069
eggs hard-boiled0.066
veal meat cooked0.06
veal meat lean cooked0.06
turkey roasted0.057
squid fried0.056
crab cooked in moist heat0.053
turkey breast roasted0.053
chicken meat stewed0.049
milk whole 3.25%0.044
milk reduced fat 2%0.039
tuna canned in oil0.038
cheese edam0.037
milk nonfat0.036
shrimps boiled0.031

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