Top 120 Foods High in Vitamin A

For a comprehensive guide about Vitamin A please read our article Vitamin A Guide: Benefits, Deficiency Symptoms, Overdose & more.

Animal Foods
IU in 100 g
cod liver oil100000
turkey liver simmered75333
duck liver39907
veal liver braised39056
beef liver braised31714
beef liver fried26088
lamb liver braised24945
pork liver raw21650
pork liver braised17997
chicken liver cooked13328
chicken giblets simmered5869
tuna cooked in dry heat2520
egg yolk raw1442
sturgeon cooked in dry heat875
cheese edam825
eggs raw540
eggs hard-boiled520
shrimps boiled301
mackerel cooked in dry heat180
milk whole 3.25%162
swordfish cooked in dry heat129
herring cooked in dry heat120
trout cooked in dry heat115
sardines in oil108
milk reduced fat 2%100
yogurt plain whole milk99
salmon smoked87
tuna canned in oil77
chicken meat stewed50
cod cooked in dry heat47
salmon cooked in dry heat44
fish fingers breaded38
bacon pan-fried37
squid fried35
whey dried30
crab cooked in moist heat29
bacon raw27
milk nonfat15
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted8
salami turkey8
pork shoulder lean roasted7
pork tenderloin lean broiled7
pork chops lean braised6
lobster cooked in moist heat4
beef meat lean roasted0
beef shoulder grilled0
veal meat lean cooked0
beef meat lean broiled0
turkey breast roasted0
chicken breast baked0
turkey roasted0
pork chops lean broiled0
veal meat cooked0
Plant Foods
IU in 100 g
chives freeze dried68300
carrot boiled17033
carrot raw16706
kale raw15376
kale boiled13621
butternut squash baked11155
butternut squash raw10630
spinach boiled10481
dandelion greens raw10161
spinach raw9377
parsley raw8424
dill weed fresh7718
lettuce raw7405
cress raw6917
dandelion greens boiled6837
thyme raw4751
cress boiled4649
cabbage chinese raw4468
chives raw4353
cabbage chinese boiled4249
peppermint raw4248
apricots dried3604
peppers sweet red3131
rosemary fresh2924
peaches dried2163
apricots raw1926
broccoli cooked1548
grapefruit red1150
zucchini boiled1117
cabbage red raw1116
asparagus cooked1006
onion spring997
tomatoes sun-dried874
tomatoes raw833
peas boiled801
plums dried781
brussels sprouts boiled775
peas raw765
asparagus raw756
brussels sprouts raw754
beans snap green boiled700
beans snap green raw690
broccoli row623
spirulina dried570
watermelon red569
tomatoes cooked489
peppers sweet green boiled468
pistachio nuts raw415
olives pickled403
peppers sweet green raw370
pistachio nuts roasted salt added259
black currant230
zucchini raw200
peppers sweet yellow200
orange juice raw200
chocolate milk195
cucumber pickles191
peas sprouted166
figs raw142

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