Top 120 Foods High in Sodium

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
yeast extract spread2962
cucumber pickles1208
spirulina dried1048
olives pickled735
bread wheat white491
bread whole-wheat472
pistachio nuts roasted salt added428
tomatoes sun-dried247
celery seeds160
sesame butter115
watermelon seeds99
apples dried87
chocolate milk79
spinach raw79
dandelion greens raw76
chives freeze dried70
spinach boiled70
carrot raw69
cabbage chinese raw65
dill weed fresh61
carrot boiled58
parsley raw56
dandelion greens boiled44
kale raw43
broccoli cooked41
coconut meat dried37
chestnuts dried37
cabbage chinese boiled34
broccoli row33
peppermint raw31
cauliflower raw30
flax seeds30
cabbage red cooked28
lettuce raw28
cabbage red raw27
poppy seed26
rosemary fresh26
brussels sprouts raw25
chocolate for baking24
kale boiled23
brussels sprouts boiled21
cocoa 100%21
peas sprouted20
coconut meat raw20
cabbage green raw18
cashews dry roasted16
beans white raw16
tofu fried16
wheat sprouted16
onion spring16
coconut milk raw15
cauliflower boiled15
taro cooked15
cress raw14
asparagus cooked14
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
bacon pan-fried2428
salami pork2260
whey dried1079
crab cooked in moist heat1072
salami turkey1004
cheese edam965
shrimps boiled947
bacon raw833
salmon smoked784
fish fingers breaded532
sardines in oil505
lobster cooked in moist heat486
chicken breast baked457
turkey breast roasted397
tuna canned in oil354
squid fried306
eggs raw142
duck liver140
eggs hard-boiled124
herring cooked in dry heat115
pork chops lean pan-fried99
swordfish cooked in dry heat97
veal meat lean cooked89
veal meat cooked87
pork liver raw87
mackerel cooked in dry heat83
beef liver braised79
cod cooked in dry heat78
veal liver braised77
beef liver fried77
chicken liver cooked76
beef shoulder grilled76
pork shoulder lean roasted75
pork chops lean braised75
trout cooked in dry heat74
chicken meat stewed70
sturgeon cooked in dry heat69
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted68
turkey roasted68
chicken giblets simmered67
pork tenderloin lean broiled65
lamb leg braised in oil64
beef meat lean broiled64
beef meat lean roasted58
pork tenderloin lean roasted57
pork chops lean broiled56
lamb shoulder lean braised56
salmon cooked in dry heat56
turkey liver simmered56
lamb liver braised56
tuna cooked in dry heat50
pork liver braised49
egg yolk raw48

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