Top 120 Foods High in Potassium

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
tomatoes sun-dried3427
chives freeze dried2960
yeast extract spread2100
beans white raw1795
cocoa 100%1524
rice bran1485
celery seeds1400
spirulina dried1363
wheat bran raw1182
apricots dried1162
pistachio nuts raw1025
pistachio nuts roasted salt added1007
peaches dried996
chestnuts dried991
chocolate for baking830
flax seeds813
pumpkin seeds809
dill weed fresh738
plums dried732
poppy seed719
almonds dry roasted712
almonds raw705
figs dried680
rosemary fresh668
cashews raw660
brazil nuts659
watermelon seeds648
sunflower seeds dried645
cashews oil roasted632
thyme raw609
cress raw606
pine nuts dried597
sesame paste582
peppermint raw569
oat bran566
cashews dry roasted565
beans white cooked561
spinach raw558
parsley raw554
nuts mix oil roasted554
potatoes with skin baked544
coconut meat dried543
pears dried533
bamboo shoots533
chestnuts raw484
taro cooked484
sesame seeds468
spinach boiled466
apples dried450
kale raw447
ginger raw415
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
whey dried2080
salmon cooked in dry heat628
bacon pan-fried591
swordfish cooked in dry heat499
pork tenderloin lean broiled451
trout cooked in dry heat437
pork tenderloin lean roasted421
herring cooked in dry heat419
mackerel cooked in dry heat401
sardines in oil397
beef meat lean broiled393
salami pork378
pork chops lean pan-fried378
sturgeon cooked in dry heat364
beef meat lean roasted359
pork chops lean broiled356
beef liver braised352
beef liver fried351
pork shoulder lean roasted346
veal meat lean cooked338
lamb leg braised in oil336
beef shoulder grilled333
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted329
veal meat cooked325
tuna cooked in dry heat323
fish fingers breaded320
veal liver braised308
pork chops lean braised288
turkey roasted280
squid fried279
pork liver raw273
chicken liver cooked263
crab cooked in moist heat262
turkey breast roasted248
cod cooked in dry heat244
lobster cooked in moist heat230
duck liver230
chicken giblets simmered224
lamb liver braised221
chicken breast baked218
salami turkey216
turkey liver simmered211
bacon raw208
tuna canned in oil207
cheese edam188
chicken meat stewed180
salmon smoked175
shrimps boiled170
lamb shoulder lean braised166
milk nonfat156
yogurt plain whole milk155
pork liver braised150
milk reduced fat 2%140
eggs raw138

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