Top 120 Foods High in Phosphorus

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
rice bran1677
pumpkin seeds1233
wheat bran raw1013
poppy seed870
watermelon seeds755
cocoa 100%734
oat bran734
sesame butter732
brazil nuts725
sunflower seeds dried660
sesame paste659
flax seeds642
sesame seeds629
cashews raw593
pine nuts dried575
celery seeds547
cashews oil roasted531
chives freeze dried518
cashews dry roasted490
pistachio nuts raw490
almonds raw484
almonds dry roasted470
pistachio nuts roasted salt added469
nuts mix oil roasted449
chocolate for baking400
tomatoes sun-dried356
beans white raw301
tofu fried287
pecan nuts277
chocolate milk208
coconut meat dried206
bread whole-wheat202
wheat sprouted200
macadamia nuts188
lentils sprouted raw173
peas sprouted165
curry sauce dry mix149
chestnuts dried137
peaches dried119
spirulina dried118
peas boiled117
beans white cooked113
coconut meat raw113
peas raw108
thyme raw106
yeast extract spread104
bread wheat white103
coconut milk raw100
mushrooms boiled87
rice brown cooked83
taro cooked76
cress raw76
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
whey dried932
bacon pan-fried561
cheese edam536
beef liver braised497
sardines in oil490
beef liver fried485
lamb liver braised420
chicken liver cooked405
egg yolk raw390
veal liver braised379
tuna cooked in dry heat326
trout cooked in dry heat321
tuna canned in oil311
shrimps boiled306
swordfish cooked in dry heat304
herring cooked in dry heat303
pork tenderloin lean broiled295
turkey liver simmered294
chicken giblets simmered289
pork liver raw288
crab cooked in moist heat280
mackerel cooked in dry heat278
sturgeon cooked in dry heat271
duck liver269
pork chops lean pan-fried268
pork tenderloin lean roasted267
salami turkey266
salmon cooked in dry heat256
squid fried251
veal meat lean cooked250
beef meat lean broiled244
pork liver braised241
veal meat cooked239
pork chops lean braised239
salami pork229
pork chops lean broiled228
lamb leg braised in oil224
beef meat lean roasted222
pork shoulder lean roasted221
lamb shoulder lean braised215
turkey breast roasted214
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted212
beef shoulder grilled211
chicken breast baked210
turkey roasted203
eggs raw198
bacon raw188
lobster cooked in moist heat185
eggs hard-boiled172
fish fingers breaded171
salmon smoked164
chicken meat stewed150
cod cooked in dry heat138

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