Top 120 Foods High in Magnesium

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
rice bran781
chives freeze dried640
wheat bran raw611
pumpkin seeds535
watermelon seeds515
cocoa 100%499
celery seeds440
flax seeds392
brazil nuts376
sesame paste362
sesame seeds351
poppy seed331
chocolate for baking327
sunflower seeds dried325
cashews raw292
almonds dry roasted286
cashews oil roasted273
almonds raw268
cashews dry roasted260
pine nuts dried251
nuts mix oil roasted251
oat bran235
spirulina dried195
tomatoes sun-dried194
beans white raw190
yeast extract spread180
thyme raw160
macadamia nuts130
pecan nuts121
pistachio nuts raw121
pistachio nuts roasted salt added120
sesame butter95
rosemary fresh91
coconut meat dried90
spinach boiled87
bread whole-wheat82
wheat sprouted82
peppermint raw80
spinach raw79
chestnuts dried74
figs dried68
corn bran64
chocolate milk63
beans white cooked63
tofu fried60
peas sprouted56
dill weed fresh55
parsley raw50
rice brown cooked43
ginger raw43
peaches dried42
chives raw42
curry sauce dry mix41
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
whey dried176
mackerel cooked in dry heat97
tuna cooked in dry heat64
crab cooked in moist heat63
sturgeon cooked in dry heat45
cod cooked in dry heat42
herring cooked in dry heat41
trout cooked in dry heat40
sardines in oil39
squid fried38
salmon cooked in dry heat37
bacon pan-fried36
pork tenderloin lean broiled36
lobster cooked in moist heat35
swordfish cooked in dry heat34
shrimps boiled34
pork chops lean pan-fried32
tuna canned in oil31
cheese edam30
pork chops lean braised30
pork tenderloin lean roasted29
veal meat lean cooked28
beef meat lean broiled26
veal meat cooked26
pork chops lean broiled26
chicken liver cooked25
lamb leg braised in oil25
turkey roasted25
duck liver24
beef meat lean roasted24
beef shoulder grilled24
chicken breast baked24
fish fingers breaded24
salami pork22
lamb liver braised22
beef liver fried22
salami turkey22
chicken meat stewed21
turkey breast roasted21
beef liver braised21
pork shoulder lean roasted20
veal liver braised20
lamb shoulder lean braised20
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted18
salmon smoked18
pork liver raw18
turkey liver simmered17
pork liver braised14
chicken giblets simmered14
bacon raw12
yogurt plain whole milk12
eggs raw12
milk reduced fat 2%11

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