Top 120 Foods High in Choline

Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
egg yolk raw682.3
beef liver braised426
beef liver fried418.2
veal liver braised310
chicken liver cooked290
eggs raw251.1
eggs hard-boiled225.3
whey dried225
turkey liver simmered220.2
chicken giblets simmered178.1
bacon pan-fried130.8
veal meat lean cooked123
veal meat cooked116.6
beef shoulder grilled112
pork chops lean pan-fried110.6
pork chops lean braised102.3
salmon smoked95
pork tenderloin lean roasted88.9
pork shoulder lean roasted87
sardines in oil85
cod cooked in dry heat83.7
sturgeon cooked in dry heat81
herring cooked in dry heat81
shrimps boiled80.9
lobster cooked in moist heat80.9
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted80
pork chops lean broiled76
chicken meat stewed72.4
turkey roasted69.8
salami turkey53.1
bacon raw46.6
chicken breast baked39.4
tuna canned in oil29.3
milk reduced fat 2%16.4
cheese edam15.4
yogurt plain whole milk15.2
milk whole 3.25%14.3
Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
tofu fried106.3
tomatoes sun-dried104.6
flax seeds78.7
wheat bran raw74.4
pistachio nuts roasted salt added71.4
beans white raw66.2
spirulina dried66
yeast extract spread65.1
pumpkin seeds63
cashews dry roasted61
cashews oil roasted61
pine nuts dried55.8
sunflower seeds dried55.1
almonds dry roasted52.1
almonds raw52.1
chocolate milk46.1
chocolate for baking45.7
cauliflower raw45.2
brussels sprouts boiled40.6
pecan nuts40.5
broccoli cooked40.1
cauliflower boiled39.1
shiitake boiled36.8
dandelion greens raw35.3
beans white cooked35.1
oat bran32.2
rice bran32.2
peas boiled29.7
brazil nuts28.8
ginger raw28.8
peas raw28.4
bread whole-wheat26.5
asparagus cooked26.1
sesame butter25.8
sesame seeds25.6
dandelion greens boiled25
celery seeds24.7
pears dried23
coconut meat dried22.1
cabbage red cooked21.4
taro cooked21.3
cabbage green boiled20.3
mushrooms boiled19.9
spinach boiled19.7
cress raw19.5
brussels sprouts raw19.1
broccoli row18.7
corn bran18.1
spinach raw18
apples dried17.6
cabbage red raw17.1
beans snap green boiled16.9
asparagus raw16
figs dried15.8
beans snap green raw15.3
bread wheat white14.6
potatoes no skin baked14.5
potatoes with skin baked14.4
apricots dried13.9
cress boiled13.8
lettuce raw13.4
potatoes no skin boiled13.2
parsley raw12.8
peaches dried12.7
cabbage chinese boiled12.1
coconut meat raw12.1
cocoa 100%12

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