Top 65 Foods High in Cholesterol

Vegetable Foods
mg in 100 g
tomatoes sun-dried247
curcuma (turmeric)38
flax seeds30
chocolate milk23
curry sauce dry mix1
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
egg yolk raw1234
cod liver oil570
chicken liver cooked563
duck liver515
lamb liver braised501
chicken giblets simmered442
eggs hard-boiled424
eggs raw423
beef liver braised396
turkey liver simmered388
beef liver fried381
pork liver braised355
veal liver braised334
pork liver raw301
squid fried260
shrimps boiled195
sardines in oil142
lamb shoulder lean braised127
veal meat lean cooked118
veal meat cooked114
bacon pan-fried113
trout cooked in dry heat106
pork tenderloin lean broiled94
pork chops lean pan-fried92
pork shoulder lean roasted90
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted90
cheese edam89
pork chops lean braised85
lamb leg braised in oil85
pork chops lean broiled84
beef shoulder grilled83
chicken meat stewed83
turkey roasted82
salami pork79
herring cooked in dry heat77
sturgeon cooked in dry heat77
salami turkey76
mackerel cooked in dry heat75
pork tenderloin lean roasted73
lobster cooked in moist heat72
salmon cooked in dry heat71
bacon raw68
beef meat lean roasted59
beef meat lean broiled58
cod cooked in dry heat55
crab cooked in moist heat53
swordfish cooked in dry heat50
tuna cooked in dry heat49
chicken breast baked44
turkey breast roasted42
fish fingers breaded34
salmon smoked23
tuna canned in oil18

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