Top 120 Foods High in Calories

Plant Foods
kcal in 100 g
flaxseed oil884
macadamia nuts718
pecan nuts691
pine nuts dried673
coconut meat dried660
brazil nuts656
nuts mix oil roasted615
almonds dry roasted597
sesame butter595
sesame paste586
sunflower seeds dried584
cashews oil roasted580
almonds raw575
cashews dry roasted574
sesame seeds573
pistachio nuts roasted salt added568
pistachio nuts raw557
watermelon seeds557
cashews raw553
pumpkin seeds541
chocolate milk535
flax seeds534
poppy seed533
chocolate for baking501
curry sauce dry mix427
celery seeds392
chestnuts dried369
coconut meat raw354
beans white raw333
rice bran316
chives freeze dried311
spirulina dried290
tofu fried271
bread wheat white266
pears dried262
tomatoes sun-dried258
figs dried249
bread whole-wheat247
oat bran246
apples dried243
apricots dried241
plums dried240
peaches dried239
coconut milk raw230
cocoa 100%229
corn bran224
wheat bran raw216
wheat sprouted198
chestnuts raw196
yeast extract spread158
Animal Foods
kcal in 100 g
cod liver oil902
bacon pan-fried533
bacon raw458
salami pork407
cheese edam357
whey dried353
egg yolk raw317
chicken breast baked293
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted292
lamb shoulder lean braised285
turkey liver simmered273
mackerel cooked in dry heat262
lamb leg braised in oil235
fish fingers breaded232
pork chops lean pan-fried232
veal meat cooked231
pork shoulder lean roasted230
lamb liver braised220
beef shoulder grilled212
sardines in oil208
turkey roasted208
herring cooked in dry heat203
pork chops lean braised202
tuna canned in oil198
veal meat lean cooked196
beef liver braised191
pork tenderloin lean broiled187
tuna cooked in dry heat184
beef meat lean broiled183
salmon cooked in dry heat182
pork chops lean broiled180
beef meat lean roasted179
chicken meat stewed177
beef liver fried175
squid fried175
salami turkey172
chicken liver cooked167
pork liver braised165
chicken giblets simmered158
swordfish cooked in dry heat155
eggs hard-boiled155
pork tenderloin lean roasted143
eggs raw143
veal liver braised140
duck liver136
sturgeon cooked in dry heat135
pork liver raw134
trout cooked in dry heat133
turkey breast roasted126
salmon smoked117
cod cooked in dry heat105
shrimps boiled99
lobster cooked in moist heat98

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