Top 120 Foods High in Iron

Plant Foods
mg in 100 g
celery seeds44.9
spirulina dried28.5
chives freeze dried20
sesame paste19.2
rice bran18.54
thyme raw17.45
chocolate for baking17.4
pumpkin seeds14.97
sesame seeds14.55
cocoa 100%13.86
wheat bran raw10.57
beans white raw10.44
poppy seed9.39
tomatoes sun-dried9.09
sesame butter8.95
watermelon seeds7.28
cashews raw6.68
rosemary fresh6.65
dill weed fresh6.59
parsley raw6.2
cashews oil roasted6.05
cashews dry roasted6
flax seeds5.73
pine nuts dried5.53
oat bran5.41
sunflower seeds dried5.25
peppermint raw5.08
tofu fried4.87
almonds dry roasted4.51
pistachio nuts roasted salt added4.2
pistachio nuts raw4.15
peaches dried4.06
bread wheat white3.74
almonds raw3.72
beans white cooked3.7
yeast extract spread3.7
macadamia nuts3.69
spinach boiled3.57
coconut meat dried3.32
olives pickled3.3
lentils sprouted raw3.21
curry sauce dry mix3.1
dandelion greens raw3.1
corn bran2.79
spinach raw2.71
apricots dried2.66
nuts mix oil roasted2.57
pecan nuts2.53
bread whole-wheat2.43
brazil nuts2.43
coconut meat raw2.43
chestnuts dried2.39
chocolate milk2.35
Animal Foods
mg in 100 g
duck liver30.53
pork liver raw23.3
pork liver braised17.92
chicken liver cooked11.63
turkey liver simmered10.7
lamb liver braised8.28
chicken giblets simmered7.04
beef liver braised6.54
veal liver braised6.4
beef liver fried6.17
beef shoulder grilled3.1
shrimps boiled3.09
sardines in oil2.92
egg yolk raw2.73
lamb shoulder lean braised2.34
lamb leg braised in oil2.34
fish fingers breaded2.11
beef meat lean broiled1.96
eggs raw1.83
turkey roasted1.79
beef meat lean roasted1.68
mackerel cooked in dry heat1.57
pork shoulder lean roasted1.5
pork tenderloin lean broiled1.43
herring cooked in dry heat1.41
tuna canned in oil1.39
bacon pan-fried1.38
pork shoulder lean and fat roasted1.32
tuna cooked in dry heat1.31
salami pork1.3
salami turkey1.25
eggs hard-boiled1.19
chicken meat stewed1.17
veal meat lean cooked1.16
veal meat cooked1.15
pork tenderloin lean roasted1.15
chicken breast baked1.14
pork chops lean braised1.13
swordfish cooked in dry heat1.04
salmon cooked in dry heat1.03
squid fried1.01
pork chops lean pan-fried0.98
sturgeon cooked in dry heat0.9
whey dried0.88
salmon smoked0.85
pork chops lean broiled0.8
crab cooked in moist heat0.76
turkey breast roasted0.66
cod cooked in dry heat0.49
bacon raw0.48
cheese edam0.44
lobster cooked in moist heat0.39
trout cooked in dry heat0.35

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