Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are pretty simple and straightforward:

1. All “Free” calculators and kits are free to be used as you please. You can copy, share, gift, distribute and do whatever you like with them.

2. All “Premium” calculators and kits are for private use only. You are not allowed to share, copy (except for own backup or archiving purposes), distribute, sell, re-sell, rent, gift or give away by any other means.

Know-How Protection

Most Premium Version Calculators have their background calculations password-protected. The calculators provide final results but do not reveal proprietary know-how regarding used algorithm. Locked fields also protect against accidental data or formulas override.

It is similar to other programs. Let’s say you buy Microsoft Windows. It gives you all the functionality. But Microsoft doesn’t give you their source codes. They consider it proprietary data.

Our worksheets and calculators work the same way. You can use them for their intended purpose, but you won’t see all the formulas and algorithm in the background. We consider it to be our know-how.

If you are interested to obtain worksheets fully unprotected then please talk to us. We offer each calculator fully open for an extra fee of $50.

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