Nutrition Facts for Common Foods

Fruits and Nuts
Vegetable and Cereals
Animal foods
AlmondsBeet (cooked)Beef (cooked)
AppleCarrotChicken (cooked)
AvocadoCornEgg (cooked)
BananaEggplant (cooked)Egg (raw)
GrapesMushrooms (cooked)Lamb (cooked)
PeachOatmealPork (cooked)
WalnutsQuinoaTurkey (cooked)
Rice brown (cooked)
Rice white (cooked)
Spaghetti (cooked)

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2 thoughts on “Nutrition Facts for Common Foods

  1. Georgios Troullakis

    It is a very usefull site for foods
    Please tell me for nutritional fact for lettuce and sesame

    1. Food Tips Post author

      Hi Georgios. You can download our Nutrition Calculator. The free version will show you vitamins & minerals for many foods. The paid version includes also macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats, etc.) plus essential & nonessential Amino Acids.


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